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As a child I would draw anything and everything - Art being the only subject in school I was ever really interested in, it seemed obvious and natural that I would study and become an art teacher in schools.

This never happened – having been offered a place at college to train as a teacher I realised that I wanted to paint and draw but didn’t particularly want to teach other (young) people to pass exams in the subject, so instead, I embarked on a career utilizing my second love – photography. I trained as a photo-journalist and later, with my wife Lynn, ran a very busy photographic and picture framing business. Framing other peoples work, was a constant reminder to me of what I wasn’t finding the time to do myself – paint.

The universe has a way of bringing you back to a particular path – now I have a busy psychotherapy/healing practice, and part of my work is in schools, amongst other things I use art as a bridge to communication with children and I teach and train various aspects of complimentary therapies in the UK and overseas. (

The healing/energy part of my work also inspires me as I ‘see’ the way energy moves and the power of symbols, shapes, colour and imagery in the healing process.

I really enjoy designing and putting together book covers and websites for a number of writers. Lynn, is a medium and author of a number of books – visit her site if you want to know about her work and see her books –

The few images I have here are of course subject to the usual copyright restrictions.
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Om - The Sound of Creation by John Quigley


Om - Aum by John Quigley


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen by John Quigley


Distance Healing by John Quigley


Heal the Planet by John Quigley


'Edwin' Dragon - With Claws Like These Who Needs a Tooth Pick by John Quigley


'Edwin' Dragon - Shows His Cute Side ....... by John Quigley


George and the Dragon by John Quigley


Dragon 'Edwin' - Dropping In for a Snack by John Quigley


Purple Flower With Smoke by John Quigley


Dandelion Clock by John Quigley


Release by John Quigley


Crown Chakra by John Quigley


Brow Chakra by John Quigley


Throat Chakra by John Quigley


Thymus Chakra by John Quigley


Heart Chakra by John Quigley


Solar Plexus Chakra by John Quigley


Sacral Chakra by John Quigley


Base Chakra by John Quigley


Obsolete Sea Defences at Llanfairfechan by John Quigley


St. Trillo's Chapel - North Wales - UK ....... by John Quigley


St Trillo's Chapel - North Wales - Exterior by John Quigley


St. Trillo's - UK - The Smallest Chapel ... by John Quigley


St. Trillo's Chapel - North Wales - Interior by John Quigley